18 August 2011

Soy Sauce-Part Two-Trash

I'm going to mark this as a failed first attempt. After deciding the mold had plenty of time to do it's conversion on the soy beans and brought them out to the sun to dry a bit. After a few hours of Florida sun it looked like rain so I brought the trays in. I then decided to bake in a low oven to continue the drying process. This was a BAD idea. the resulting smell in the house was enough to make me second guess my actions. When I retrieved the trays from the oven I cut into the paste to see if it's dried much at all and it turns out only the surface was getting dry. I figure at this point the only real investment wasted is time, a few dollars in soy beans and wheat flour since I haven't added the rest of the ingredients yet. Here are a few things I would change for a second try;

-Make a smaller batch, 1 pound of dry beans max maybe only half that!
-Puree to a finer paste.
-Mix Koji Kin throughout paste rather than dust the surface to ensure proper distribution of the good mold (the paste shrinks a bit as it dries).
-Make thinner patties.
-Place on a wire rack to improve air circulation.
-Do not use oven for drying!

Now comes the fun part of disposal since the garbage truck won't be by for a few more days. I have placed it in several layers of bags and a good dousing of baking soda. It may be time to fill up the gas tank just to dump it in someone else trash.

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